SomewhereInCanada family endeavours to be a community-driven Contest site focused on and for Canadians. We are proudly Canadian. We feel you should be too.

The idea is simple. (Stone Soup). If everyone contributes just a little, everyone will benefit manyfold.

Think of this site as a web based mailing list.

What we ask of you:

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Attention Canadian Contest Sites

If you would like your sites contests posted here automatically, send us a link to your contest's RSS feeds! This will ensure your contests are always posted here. It saves you time, and it saves us time.

RSS links take visitors directly to your site. It is a win - win situation. If you require help in setting up an RSS feed for your Canadian Contest site, please contact me.

Contest's prize must ship from Canada, be virtual prizes or cash/gift card prizes.
Others will not be accepted.

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Do you want to support a Canadian Contesting Community?

We are looking for Canadians experienced with Canadian contesting to help support a friendly contesting community.

If you are already a Canadian Contester, this is a win win.

If you think you can contribute, contact us through our Contact Us page. Type "CCC" in the subject title please.

To apply tell us about yourself and what you can contribute to this site.

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Quebec Contests - Concours du Québec

Hi to all our Quebec visitors! If you are looking for Contests valid in Quebec, all you have to do is go to the Contest Valid in Quebec. And VOILA! All the contests that show up are valid in Quebec! We hope you enjoy this new feature.

Our site can be read in french:
En français par Google Translate

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