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Ours Songs, Our Stories, Our Gods: Castalia in Concert

"Hearing Castalia perform was a magical experience. Through her music you could feel a deep connection to the Gods of the Old Religion." (Will Kale)

The Celtic harp has long been the symbol of the bard in our society, and the folk guitar has been a symbol of music for the people. Folk music tells stories, and evokes feelings of present and past. Castalia will perform music by pagans about pagans, and about our special relationship to the gods and spirits of the land and sky, and to each other. Especially featured will be songs from her brand-new CD "In Plain Sight."

"Castalia has allowed herself to become a channel for the Gods' expression. A skilled and talented harpist, vocalist, and songwriter, she entertains and inspires those who've been touched by the Gods (and those who are still waiting to be)." (Skydragon of Lucidian)

Check out her discography, including samples and lyrics.

"I truly enjoyed every part of the Concert, the Songs, Stage presence, ability to adapt to the setting. I would describe Castalia as a true professional who has a true love for music, both new and historical." Rev Edward Livingston Pr.H., SA, Lyceum of Antinopolis, Fellowship of Isis, Milton FL

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