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Sociology: The Sociology of Pagan Society: Inner Court, Outer Court: Bridging the Gap between the Arcane and the Popular

The pagan revival in the past fifty years has enabled a great deal of people to come forward and admit to themselves, if not others, that they hold a non-monotheistic view of spirituality. In every democratic country in the world, ordinary people are discovering their heritage in the land and people around them.

The question emerges: what is the right way to worship the gods in a third-millennial world? To answer this question, this lecture examines the historical precedents of how a number of pagan societies in primarily European history organized themselves.

Castalia will describe the religious behaviour of members of the main known ethnic groups of Europe, with specific examples from primary and secondary sources. We will not be able to cover every cult and religion, but we will establish an understanding of how pagan societies carried out their religious life, and what that means for sincere pagans in the 21st century.

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