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Castalia began performing in pubs and coffeehouses in 1979. She became involved in the pagan community of Toronto in 1982, and began writing and collecting pagan folk songs. She graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies and Anthropology. She became and Alexandrian high priestess in 1989, and a priestess of the Wiccan Church of Canada in 1990, and in 1990 she also graduated from Brock University with a Bachelors of Education.

Since that time, Castalia has performed concerts and given lectures, workshops and presentations at pagan festivals and conferences all over Ontario and in the eastern half of the United States. She recorded her first regular album in 1993, and released a pagan album in 1994. This album was re-released on CD in 2001 as "Revisiting Sacred Space." In 2004, she released her second pagan album called "Hidden." Her latest CD "In Plain Sight" is scheduled for release in May of 2006.

She will be touring the Northeastern United States and Western Canada in June and July of this year.


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